Welcome to The Happy Haggis!

Please phone Amanda for any more information, bookings or enquiries on 07857699812 or 01540 662979.

With the senior Harkai's now fully retired as full-time Grandparents, their son Simon and wife Amanda have now taken on their role and wish every customer a very enjoyable experience.
Also...... " The perfect place to go for any occassion from BIRTHDAYS to STAFF DINNER to just a relaxing TREAT, come along and enjoy the warm welcome at "The Happy Haggis".

John Harkai - Born in Hungary in the beautiful city of Budapest in 1940.

As a young man wanted to succeed in life; during the revolution of '56 gave up boxing and trainee engineering to come to Britain.
Yorkshire was the place where an English gentleman helped him to pursue his boxing and engineering skills. After 13 years of working hard to find a place to settle he found himself in a small skiing village in the Highlands of Scotland called Aviemore, where he felt there was an opportunity for success.
He sold his share of the business in Surrey to set up a new venture of Hot-Dog Vans and Ice-Cream Vans (Hot dogs were a new taste in Aviemore in 1968)
In his annual vacation he went to Hungary to visit his family and found his beautiful wife to be.
John and Elizabeth married in 1969 and 3 hard years followed serving fast foods to tourists and locals.
The fruits of their labours allowed them to buy the shop in Aviemore, called 'The Happy Haggis', in 1974.
Their first son, Simon, was one year old. In 1976, his brother, Steven, arrived - a Family Business had been born. In 1983 they bought the house of their dreams in Kingussie, a real luxury after living in a mobile home for 14 years. A new life had begun for the Harkai family.

To this day they are still working hard, and their business continues to thrive, thanks to their efforts and loyal customers and tourists who visit the Highlands each year.
The Harkais now specialize in their Fish and Steak Restaurant and Take-Away in the Main Street of Aviemore.



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